Bootcamp Program


Everything you need to know about the F2F 

Bootcamp program.

What will I get from the Bootcamp?

Beginning with a 4-day intensive in-person session, over the 3 month program F2F Bootcamp will build the technology, financial and marketing capabilities of producer-led businesses through expert coaching and mentors. ​

Targeted outcomes for participating teams are: 

  • Increase revenue: get more customers through refining your messaging, understanding of available marketing tools and appropriate channels to reach your customers

  • Identify the potential pricing and business models that will help you become a scalable & sustainable business 

  • Understand your need for capital: develop an understanding of the investment process, prepare your materials, and get introductions to investors

  • Learn best practice strategies to prioritise and resource your product development and/or business milestones ​

  • Grow the profile of your business through PR support and access to media training

  • Join a national network of innovative producers, potential customers, investors and technology developers


Why is the F2F Bootcamp different?

  • Created specifically for primary producers

  • Custom-designed to your needs: we'll work with you to set out your goals, and help you achieve them over the 3 months

  • $10k equity free grant

  • Become part of the F2F community - more than 300 producers around the country

  • Just 6 teams in the program, so you get more time with the coaches 

Is the bootcamp a fit for you?

  • You are a producer who has developed a solution for a problem on-farm, and started commercializing it for other producers

  • You are a producer with a value-add product in market, and looking to reach new markets and increase your volume of sales

  • You are a producer-led business that has developed and begun commercializing a solution in response to a problem in the industry

Applications are open!

Applications for the 2020 Bootcamp are open.  

The program will kick off in September. 

Submit your EOI below.  

For any questions regarding applications please contact us at

How will applicants be assessed?

We are looking for businesses that:

  • Are producer-led, meaning there’s at least one Australian primary producer on the leadership team

  • Have some ‘traction’ in the market (i.e., users, customers, revenue)

  • Have a desire to grow i.e. ‘scale up’ the business.

  • Are working on a technology, new business model, or value-add product in the agrifood and fibre industry

  • The majority of the team can attend the in-person bootcamp 

  • Can commit $2.5k matched funding to their business expenses (not to the program)


For businesses that meet this criteria, we will then evaluate applications on the following three dimensions: team, problem, and solution.


  • Does the team have the passion and commitment to make this business succeed?

  • What problem does the business solve? Is this problem sizeable and underserved? 

  • What proof of demand is there for this product/service?

  • What is the solution? How unique or differentiated is it? Is there a clear value proposition or return on investment (ROI) for customers?

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