Case Study

Bitwise Agronomy

Whats your name?

Fee Turner & Aran Elkington


What do you farm?


Where do you farm?

Launceston, Tasmania 


What is your business?

BitWise Agronomy makes vineyard management easier, allowing managers to have “eyes on” without having to visually inspect every row. By using imagery and analysis tools to assess vineyard health, it allows growers to make data-informed, strategic decisions.


Best Bootcamp take away?

Prior to the program, Fiona and Aran were focused on the technology and building out the product. They came into the program looking for help with business development, and seeking advice on how best to present the Bitwise Agronomy to investors.  By the end of the program, they signed up 6 pilot customers, one being a significant winemaker- Penley Estate. 


“The biggest gain [for us] was in the confidence that we are on the right track in terms of our business model. Having access to a trusted mentor who can validate our thoughts was a huge benefit, and the way they pushed us to overcome obstacles was central to BitWise’s progress during the three months. The program really helped to validate who our customers were, and help to build out our pitching skills in order to attract new customers and capital.” 

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