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We are experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders in the global agrifood tech ecosystem.  We have come together to form F2F because we are passionate about working with the whole agrifood & fibre value chain,  helping innovative producers to develop new ideas, technologies, and capabilities that will solve real industry and consumer problems.


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Supporting producer led innovation

Annual Reports 

2019 / 2020

Annual Report

Overview of the programs, objectives and outcomes delivered through the Farmers2Founders (F2F) innovation systems over the period 2019 and 2020  

Frequently asked questions

What is Farmers2Founders?

F2F is an innovation program that puts primary producers at the centre of agrifood innovation, by creating pathways for them to get involved. By starting with producers, we ensure solutions stay focused on real problems, not flashy technologies or slick pitches. Our pathways include new venture programs, for producers working on off-farm ideas or businesses, and early-adopter programs, for producers who want to engage with agtech solutions earlier and more strategically, but don’t want to build their own startup.

What programs does F2F offer?

Ideas Program For producers who have an idea for a new off-farm business, but aren’t sure if it’s worth pursuing or how to get started Bootcamp Program For producers who have an existing off-farm business, but need support to grow outside their local area Early Adopter Program For producers who want to engage with agtech solutions earlier and more strategically, but don’t want to build their own startup.

Do I need to be in Australia to participate in the F2F programs?

Yes - for now. We may look to open up to international producers in the future- watch this space!

Do I need to be a primary producer?

Yes, each team must have at least one primary producer involved

Why are your programs only open to producers?

Producers have a deep understanding and first hand experience of the problems to be solved in their industry. We believe that there is a gap in support for producers to develop solutions and grow them, depriving the industry of the potential impact of these solutions. Our programs focus on unlocking the unique insight of primary producers, and are designed to meet producers needs in terms of skills training, time availability and so on.

Does it cost anything to participate in F2F programs?

No, all our programs are funded such that there is no cost to teams to participate. Teams are able to access grant funding towards their business expenses in some programs on a matched basis, e.g.. the team contributes $1 and the grant matches $3. This money does not go to F2F.

Why are the programs free? How is Farmers2Founders funded?

F2F is funded by a number of industry Research and Development Corporations. Our primary partners are GRDC, MLA, AWI, AgriFutures and Wine Australia, but we are not limited to these industries- we work with producers from all sectors. F2F is also the recipient of an Incubator Support grant from the Australian Government.

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